RECOVERY ROOM is a unisex body care company with a core focus to help athletes prevent injury and recover after physical exercise. Using only the finest natural ingredients, our formulas have been designed by cosmetic scientists to give your body the necessary minerals to aid recovery.


We were tired of body care products that made claims and simply didn't back them up. All RECOVERY ROOM products have gone through many iterations and improvements. We've tested them on hundreds of athletes and believe our creams are best in class. 


We are trying to be as planet friendly as possible. Of course, natural ingredeints goes without saying. All packaging is recyclable and refillable so if you like our products you can top up with bulk containers. All products are made in the UK and our suppliers and no further away than 20 miles from our office.

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Our whole purpose is to create products that enable you to keep healthy and aid recovery. We hate that idea that our customers don't love our products and as such, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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