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Try the UK's fastest growing pain relief gel for just 


We genuinely believe this gel will help you live a more comfortable life. That's why we are offering 2x20ml sample pots for you to try. 

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Drug Free Relief

No Nasty ingredients

What makes INJURY TIME stand out from the rest?

96% Natural 

5 plant powered
 super ingredients

2 years of product

Innovative Cryotherapy Gel

Proudly made in the UK

Used by the UK's Top

96% Natural

Other deep heating products contain nasty toxic ingredients. RECOVERY ROOM INJURY TIME gel contains only the finest natural raw materials and is safe to use throughout the day.

Use as much as you like, when you like

We know pain can hit at anytime and that's why our gel can be used anytime or anywhere. As it doesn't contain any drugs, it's safe to use the whole tub in one sitting!

Unique Cryotherapy Formula

The ice effect combined with the 5 super plant ingredeints makes this a winning combo.

Real reviews from real customers

I use the gel first thing in the morning. It allows me to be in less pain and I reapply in the evening before bed. Absolute must!

Jill Tobin

Arthritis Sufferer
have to admit I was a bit curious about this product, reading the reviews said it was excellent etc but I suffer from facet joint arthropathy, which is degenerative, I am on god knows how many different medications for pain relief, BUT we had a family day out on Saturday and this cream made it possible for me to get through the day! I couldn't believe it, I didn't have much faith originally but oh my goodness I will be buying this by the bucket load, not only for my back but also my side as I have non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis, this has me in crippling pain in my side where my liver is situated, I massaged some of the cream on my side and the pain was relieved within about 10 minutes!


Husband with limited mobility
Really great post workout gel!


CrossFit Devotee
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