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The Story

In 2016, I was training for my second London Marathon. At the same time, I was working for an organic/vegan food company. It was there I took a keen interest into natural foods and developed a healthy diet with whole ingredients. In short, I was eating really well and training 6 times a week- I was on fire! 


Before every run, I would use a deep heating product to help my muscles warm up. This is something I had always done when I felt a bit of pain/tight before sports. One day, I looked at the back of the ingredeints and to my dismay, saw toxic chemicals like parrafin and petroleum. I would never eat these ingredients, so why am I putting them on my body? Moreover, these products were unsuitable for pregnant ladies and came in non recyclable packaging. Something didn't feel right!

I spent the next months researching body care products. It's pretty simple but like what we eat, anything we put onto our body goes through the dermis and into the blood stream and can have a positive or negative impact. I worked with the top cosmetic house in the UK to bring the finest natural ingredients which have a long term affect to help the bodies natural defenses.


I set out to create a functional body care range which was effective, had natural ingredients, was easily recyclable and targeted specific sports problems.

We launched the brand in 2018 and have grown from strength to strength due to a dedicated community who love our products. 

Thanks to every one who has joined me on the journey so far and we look forward to what is to come.